Hi! Please join me in a 3-mo

Coaching Immersion

And begin earning more money, helping more people & spreading more of your message!

Since you're here, you're probably
someone who wants:

... to overcome the blockages that are stopping you from becoming all of who you're meant to be

... to learn to honor (and sell!) your unique brilliance

... to become VISIBLE, in a much bigger way, to the people who most need and want what you have to offer (What do you say? How and where do you say it? How do you get people to listen?)

... to connect authentically with these people you can help, so that sales becomes elegant and easy

That's what this 3-month
coaching intensive will accomplish.

Discover a more authentic YOU! than you've ever been before, and then fearlessly do the work that propels you, your message and
your Great Work out into the world in a bigger way.

Does that sound good to you?


The day after my Sales Wounds session with Julia, I enrolled a new $1,500 client, totally unexpectedly. Thanks Julia!

Umoh Luna

Here's what you can expect from this
3-month coaching immersion:

Imagine you attracted 1 new (ideal) client this month.

Now imagine 2 new clients next month, and 3 the month after that. Your business would start to grow pretty fast, wouldn't it? 

Increased clarityYou’ve got a pretty good idea right now of what your message is, who your best audience is, and a few possibilities for how to be more effective in reaching that audience with your message.

But those understandings will naturally evolve as you begin to take steps forward, because no plan survives contact with reality. I’ll help you continually hone your message, your audience and your delivery method.

Re-injection of confidenceThe single biggest obstacle for virtually every entrepreneur is maintaining the enthusiasm to keep going, even in the face of setbacks. Working with me privately will give you the opportunity to talk about those setbacks, and how they make you feel like giving up or going back into hiding with your work, your talent, your message.

Talking about your fears in this way is like shining a flashlight in the monster’s eyes - it paralyzes and dissolves them.

Accountability. It’s all too easy to let a day, a week, a month slip by without taking any action on your goals. There's no better way to hold yourself accountable to your goals than working with a private coach! 

Detailed Breakdown of The Immersion

Step 1: Figure out what's working and what's not right now in your business

  • Complete the self-assessment so you know exactly where you stand
  • Identify leakages and blockages - what's the big stuff that's stopping new sales from coming in? Are there any internal blockages or self-limiting beliefs we need to work on?
  • Decide who you most want to be working with - who are your best customers, and what makes them the best?
  • Attracting new clients requires both time and money - so it's a good idea to set a budget at the outset for both

Step 2: Develop a plan of attack - what needs to change first,
second and third? How will you measure your results? 

  • Are you getting more leads? If so, where are they coming from & how can you get even more? If not, why not?
  • Are you making more sales? If so, what can that primarily be attributed to? If not, why not?
  • Are you still providing a high quality of service? If not, where is the system breaking down?
  • Are you happy with your results?
  • Is anything unexpected happening? Do we need to make changes to the plan?

Step 3: Celebration & Next Steps

  • Review the goals & objectives we created in Step Two - celebrate how far you’ve come!
  • Make decisions about what’s next - more growth? Maintenance? Something else?

Here's how this 3-month immersion creates
the results you're looking for:

  • Weekly 45-Minute Private Sessions

    The meat of the program is delivered in weekly, 45-minute coaching calls. Sessions always start with the question, “What would you like to talk about today?”

    So whatever is top of your mind – marketing initiatives, tracking and analytics, sales conversion, refining your message, or even the doubts & self-limiting beliefs that might be plaguing you that week – that’s what we’ll talk about. 

  • Access to my online training program, Heal Your Sales Wounds

    Sometimes you just need to learn how to DO something – write a certain kind of email, ask better questions when you’re networking, prioritize the steps for accomplishing a project.

    That’s where the online training program comes in. It’s a resource that’s always at your fingertips – and which you’ll retain access to even after the 3-month coaching immersion is over.

  • Semi-Unlimited Email Access to Me

    Finally, you also have semi-unlimited email access to me. I say “semi-unlimited” because I want you to feel that I’m here for you; but at the same time it’s unrealistic to expect I’d be available for lengthy email exchanges several times a week.

    But if you get an inspiration at 3am and want to run it past me, you’re always free to reach out!

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What if Everything Doesn't Go
According to Plan?

What I’ve just outlined is a rigorous plan of action which, if fully implemented, would significantly grow your business in a very short period of time.

However, if all you needed was a plan of attack like the one I’ve just outlined,
you would go out now and just start doing it.

But since you’re not brand new to business, you’ve probably tried marketing plans like this one before - or pieces of it anyway - and you know that it’s not as easy as it sounds.

  • Things always take longer than you think they will …
  • When things don’t work out as expected, it’s hard to know why, or how to fix it …
  • The demands of your schedule can often derail the best-laid plans for giving more attention to your marketing …
  • The people you hired to help you can sometimes fall short of your expectations
  • Shiny Object Syndrome can often be a problem - "A hot new social media channel? We'd better drop everything and go build a following there!"
  • Sometimes self-doubt can creep in and make you want to throw in the marketing towel altogether.

That’s why you’re not really hiring me
to create or implement a marketing plan for you.

Rather, you’re hiring me to help you navigate your Resistance.

Clear your blockages...

Manage the stuff that comes up, that threatens to derail your successful accomplishment.  

Because if I can help you successfully eliminate whatever has always stopped you in the past - well then the sky's the limit, isn't it?

As valuable as our business-building sessions were, I found the mindset
& blockage removal sessions to be
even more so.

I knew you were a sales & marketing expert; but what I additionally value is the internal side of what you do. I have found the mindset sessions and blockage clearing to be as valuable as the business building work that we’ve done.

I’m amazed by the vastness of what you bring to the table. There wasn’t one issue, doubt or problem you weren’t able to help me with. I know I'll be continuing to work with you, even though my 6 month program has ended.

~ Vania Butler

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How Quickly Can You Expect Results?

I’m a Blockage Removal Specialist: I help you remove whatever is standing between you and your desired outcome, and I do it quickly.

The reason you get such fast results with me is because of how quickly I’m able to get to the root of what’s really stopping you.

Listen to Jonathan Bautista as he describes experiencing this exact phenomenon with me:

Coaching with me normally costs $2,500/mo ...

But when you invest in this 3-month immersion there's a significant savings

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Not ready to commit? No problem.

Let's get on the phone to discuss your goals to see whether working with me would be a good fit.

During the phone consultation, you'll have a chance to ask all of your questions. I'll have a few questions for you as well. At the end, I'll ask you to make a decision about whether you'd like to get started or not.

As long as you schedule your consultation in November, I'll honor the Cyber Monday pricing, should you decide you want to start working with me at the end of the consultation call.

Sound good? Great! I'm looking forward to talking to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you conduct the sessions?

Your sessions will all be over the telephone.

How long do they last?

The sessions will be 45 minutes.

Can I get a recording of the sessions?

Yes. The sessions will be recorded and sent to you as an .mp3 link.

What's your refund policy?

I offer a full 100% money back guarantee any time during the first session. If you feel it isn't everything you hoped for and more, just let me know by the conclusion of the first session and I'll return your full purchase price. After the first session is over however, I don't offer any refunds.

What's the normal price for these sessions? My normal rate is $2,500/mo for weekly 45-minute coaching sessions.

Do I have to do anything before the first session? Yes. You will be emailed a self-assessment that I ask you to complete and return to my assistant Rosie at least 24 hours before your first session.

Your business and your life will never be the same.