4 (Baby) Steps Toward Spiritual Money Manifestation

Do you have goals to earn more money, reduce spending, or pay off debt?

Or maybe you just want to get control over your finances?

My suggestion for whatever you’re wanting to change with your money – as it is for just about everything – is to start small.

When I say small actions, I mean something as easy as “Take out your wallet and count your cash.”

To understand how such a small action can make a big difference in your relationship with money, read below my 4-Step Process for Spiritual Money Manifestation.

Step #1: Clarity

The reason that something as simple as counting the cash in your wallet can be the first step in making big change with your money is because it provides clarity.

Clarity means getting clear about What Is. What’s in your wallet? Opening your wallet and looking inside is an exercise in getting honest about what’s there, and what’s not. Clarity.

Here’s another small step in the direction of Clarity: write down what you’ve spent in the last 24 hours.

It might sound simple, but writing down your expenses is a powerful action. Especially if you don’t do it just once, but instead develop it as a daily practice.

If you don’t believe me that it’s powerful, how come you didn’t do it? Is there something you don’t want to look at? Something you’re hiding from?

If you actually did it – good for you! You’re well on your way to getting control of your money.

But if you didn’t – if you choose to remain in resistance to either of these steps – “I don’t want to admit how much I spent (or what I spent it on). I don’t want to see what’s in my wallet” – you’re choosing darkness, not clarity, with your money.

Step #2: Order

Developing a daily practice of counting your cash & writing down your expenses is part of Step #2, Order. (Doing it once gives you Clarity; repeating it gives you Order).

Order is the way you change What Is. It’s the systems and practices you put in place that cause your money to begin doing your bidding.

Another example of Order is to notice spending and income patterns over time, utilizing some kind of a tracking tool.

Click here to download the full list of actions I take every day and every week, to impose Clarity & Order in my finances.

Step #3: Creativity

This is the step where the magic & miracles happen. It’s the step where:

  • unexpected checks show up in your mailbox
  • an envelope full of stock certificates tumbles down from a forgotten shelf
  • a dusty mass in the attic reveals itself to be a collectible you can easily sell
  • your boss announces you’re getting a sizable & unexpected raise.

Because this is the fun step, it’s often tempting to skip ahead to it, and still expect the goodies.

But it’s really important to emphasize that Clarity and Order precede Creativity.

Don’t skip those first 2 steps just because they sound like a lot of hard work that you really don’t want to deal with. Doing so will only prevent Step 3 from working for you.

Step #4: Gratitude

In actual practice, I always start my money management sessions with Gratitude, meaning that I treat it like Step #1.

Two of my favorite gratitude statements are:

I am SO grateful for ALL the money in my checking account!!!!

I am SO grateful for ALL the money on its way to me now!!!!!

The downloadable list of steps that create Clarity and Order also includes more statements of intentional creation.

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