4 Cures for “Creator’s Block”

As heart-centered entrepreneurs and Intuitive Business Women, we’re constantly creating. We create new products and services, we create marketing mechanisms to sell those products and services …

But most importantly, we are constantly creating and re-creating ourselves.

So if you ever feel like everything is always changing for you and your business … it is!

It can be exhausting and stressful, always chasing the tail of your personal and spiritual transformation, and trying to figure out what that means for your business.

But we love it. We thrive on it. It’s what gives our life its juice, isn’t it?

So much so, that when things stop changing, that’s when the real trouble starts. When we feel our creative inspiration grind to a halt, we feel stuck. Blocked. Maybe even anxious or depressed.

The next time you’re feeling that yucky stuck feeling, try one of these 4 sure-fire methods for re-igniting the spark of your creative output. You’ll be back on track in no time – in your business, and in your life.

Spark Method #1: Review your own output.

If you’re a creative type like me, you’ve probably got stacks and stacks of your own creative output. In my case, “output” includes:

  • copy for sales letters and sales videos – both complete and incomplete
  • articles and blog posts – both complete and incomplete
  • recordings of interviews I’ve done
  • strategic plans of all kinds – from simple to-do lists to complex action plans
  • notes I’ve taken at seminars I’ve attended, webinars I’ve watched, etc

What kinds of creative output do YOU have?

Reviewing this output is an almost guaranteed method for igniting creative inspiration.

One reason is that low energy, or “not being in the mood” is one of the biggest obstacles to creative inspiration. It’s that whole “the first step is the hardest” thing.

But it doesn’t take very much energy at all to simply glance through some written documents, or push play on an audio recording. So getting started – taking the first step – suddenly becomes pretty easy.

Having started, I typically find myself quickly immersed in the very thing which I was so passionately excited about, and it’s easy to re-ignite the spark.

Spark Method #2: Watch or listen to someone else’s creative output

On those days when you just can’t get excited about anything you’ve recently created, a good alternative is to review other people’s creative output. Here’s what I mean.

I needed to create a sales video the other day, and I just couldn’t get myself in the mood to work on it. So I opened up my handy dandy swipe file* and started reviewing a sales video someone else had created.

By analyzing this other person’s sales video – what I thought was good, as well as what I thought could have been improved – I very quickly found myself revved up and inspired to start working on my own sales video.

* A swipe file is a collection of other people’s material that you’ve gathered over the years, specifically for the purpose of providing inspiration.

Spark Method #3: Allow yourself to wander – mentally and otherwise

Call this the Leonardo approach. It’s the idea that when true creative inspiration is your goal, there’s no way to force it.

I believe the fundamental reason for this is that for many artists and heart-centered entrepreneurs, we create as a reflection of what’s transforming inside of us.

We’re in pain of one kind or another, and we use our art (or our business) as a tool or a canvas on which to work out our demons. And THAT process most certainly can’t be rushed.

Some artists – like Steven Pressfield, in War of Art – would argue that the way to work out your demons is to discipline yourself. If you’re a writer, then you WRITE, every day, whether you’re inspired or not.

Through the act of writing, Pressfield would argue, you exercise your creative muscles while simultaneously exorcising your demons … and eventually inspiration starts to flow through you and you produce something you’re proud of.

Leonardo da Vinci, on the other hand, took a very different approach to Pressfield’s. The Master would literally go YEARS without painting anything. Instead he would busy himself with perfume-making, engineering, drawing quick charcoal studies of the natural world …

And while we now value many of those side pursuits as significant contributions to culture, painting was his business. It’s what paid his bills.

So the years that Leonardo wasn’t painting were lean years for him. They may have even been – depending on whose account you read – years of depression, isolation and despair.

But who’s to say if the years of wandering weren’t essential, in order for him to find his way back to the inspiration for some of his greatest lifetime achievements.

Spark Method #4: Get support

Sometimes we find ourselves in a forest so thick, there’s no hope of seeing the trees on our own. We need someone else to help us.

If that’s the situation you find yourself in, perhaps I can help.

I offer an evening Workshop called “Clear Your Money Blockages.” People who attend this event manifest hundreds – even thousands – of dollars within a week or two of attending.

But that’s not all.

People also report feeling the blockages being removed in all areas of their lives.

This happens because in addition to providing you with practical tools for attracting greater abundance, I channel an energy that has been dubbed the 7-Figure Transmission. This energy, when you receive it, raises your vibration … so you can literally see things you couldn’t see before.

“I definitely felt something knock loose that evening!”

8 days after Julia’s workshop, I received $45,000. But believe it or not, that’s not even the biggest result!

I have switched to a new company, and I have never achieved this much success. I’m just thrilled to be helping so many more people AND making money too.

I believe all of this has happened largely because I’ve continued every day doing the “mantras” Julia gave us. Plus, I definitely felt something knock loose that evening!

~ Therese Marzouk, EmergeWinning.com

If you feel ready to make some real changes in your money story – and your life! – then consider attending this powerful Workshop.

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