4 Steps to Access Your Intuition

Have you been told that you’re intuitive, or even psychic?

Do you want to be?

Would you like to be able to access information that comes from someplace outside of yourself?

The truth is that everyone is “psychic.” We all have access to Guides, Angels and other Beings who are here to help us, protect us, inspire us and direct us.

This article tells you how.

Everyone is Psychic

When I started on my spiritual path, shortly after my mother died in 2002, I didn’t consider myself the slightest bit intuitive.I certainly didn’t think I had any special gifts or powers of a metaphysical nature.

I felt like I had to seek out other people – psychics, Tarot card readers, astrologers, etc – and ask them to use their powers to provide me with spiritual insight.

One of these early psychics told me I was a gifted healer, and I just hadn’t come into my gifts yet. I believed her; but there wasn’t anything I could do about it, other than just wait for my gifts to arrive.

Then sometime in 2009 or 2010, I was doing a telephone interview about social media. My business at the time was teaching small business owners how to use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote their business, and I got lots of requests to be interviewed on the topic.

When I hung up the phone at the end of the interview, I noticed two peculiar things:

First, I noticed that I had had my eyes closed for pretty much the whole interview.

Second, I realized that I couldn’t remember a thing I’d spent the last hour saying.

My conclusion was that everything I’d just said in that interview had come from someplace outside of my conscious mind. In other words, my spiritual gifts were beginning to come in!

That day was the beginning of my path as a healer and energy worker.

Meditative Journal Writing

Over the next several years I learned to use a whole variety of tools to tap into my intuition – Tarot, astrology, a body-awareness technique called Self-Acceptance Therapy, along with several others.

But the tool that has been the most powerful for me in accessing my spiritual gifts, hands down, is meditative journal writing.

I first started practicing meditative journal writing way back in 2002, prior to recognizing any of my spiritual gifts.

At the time I was drowning in grief over having lost my mother to brain cancer; so when my cousin suggested to me that maybe I could “talk” to her through writing, I jumped at the idea.

I’d been keeping a journal since my early 20’s, in support of the traditional therapy I was doing twice a week back then. So I was already well practiced in the art of expressing my true self in writing.

But when I sat down to write to my mother, something extraordinary happened – she wrote back!!

What I mean by that is, the words that came flying out of my fingertips onto my keyboard were in her voice as well as mine.

When I read it later, it was a very clear conversation in which two different people were participating. It wasn’t just me writing what I thought my mother might say.

Because my emotional need was so great, I used the tool a lot. Like several times a week.

Gradually, my grief began to heal. I found myself talking less and less to my mother; but still having the conversations, several times a week.

I couldn’t tell you precisely how it happened; but somehow my meditative journal conversations with my mother turned into conversations with a whole host of spiritual Beings – the archangels, my guardian angels, a number of different goddesses, as well as my mother and other people in my life who had died.

Learn to Do It Yourself

Engaging in increasingly frequent written conversations with those various Beings over time has taught me to trust my spiritual gifts more than anything else I could have done.  Because the conversations required me to question, and ultimately trust, that the information I received was in fact coming from someplace outside of my conscious mind.

If you’re interested in beginning to develop this tool for yourself, I’ve described below the steps that I use.

You might also be interested in the book by Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations with God, published in 1996. I’ve personally never read it – I don’t even know if it teaches you how to write to God; or if it just describes the conversations he had with God.

Another great book on the topic is Janet Connor’s “Writing Down Your Soul: How to Activate and Listen to the Extraordinary Voice Within.” Hers is absolutely a manual that aims to teach you the process. I’ve met her personally and read the book, and highly recommend it.

Step 1: Activate Your Personal Pathway

I’ve heard it said that the reason certain prayers “work” is because they are well-worn pathways to God. Throughout the ages, countless millions of people have uttered the same words over and over and over and over and over again, whenever they wanted to access something greater than themselves.

Whether it’s the “Baruch Atah …” of Jewish prayers, or the “Our Father …” of Catholics, the “Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem” of Muslims or the “Om bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ“ of Hindus – these words are like superhighways connecting humans to the Divine.

So whenever a soul wants a “shortcut” to instantly open up the spiritual pathway, they can begin by uttering one of these prayers.

In the next section I’ll give you the words I personally use to begin a session.

But before I even get to the words, I begin my spiritual connection by initiating the series of steps that I personally have been engaging in for years, whenever I sit down to connect with my Source. You can do the same, by recognizing and then repeating your own personal steps for spiritual activation.

To activate my creative process, the first thing I do is sit down at my computer and touch my fingers to the keyboard.

This may not sound like a very spiritual step, but because it’s what I always do, it signals to my brain, my heart, my intuition and my Team that we’re getting ready to work.

I usually also make myself a cup of tea before I sit down, and turn on the Spa Station on Pandora. These also send signals to my system about what I’m intending to do.

Some people wear certain clothing before making their connections, they light a candle, they may gather certain objects, they may treat their bodies or the air around them with incense or some other kind of aromatic.

What are the things you always do in preparation for meditation or spiritual connection?

Step 2: Invoke Guidance

Then I close my eyes, and I invoke the presence of my Team – the Archangels and my personal spirit guides, as well as my mom, grandma, twin sister and aunt – all of whom now reside in the Spirit world.  I do that by just asking them to join me:

“I ask for the Archangels – Gabriel, Michael, Rafael & Uriel – to join me now. I also ask my spirit guides and guardian angels to join me. If there are any other Beings who are coming from a place of pure Love and Light who would like to join me now, you are welcome as well.”

Because not all spiritual Beings are benevolent, I specifically tell the pesky ones to stay away: “Any and all Beings who are coming from a place of darkness or mischief, STAY AWAY. Your presence is NOT welcome here today. Archangels, help to ensure that this is so.”

I ask for the Archangels’ help, because I know that just as the Forces of Light are far greater than myself, so are the Forces of Darkness. There’s absolutely no way I can keep dark energies away by myself; but the Archangels most certainly can. They just need to be asked.

In case you’re thinking to yourself, “But I don’t have any special powers! I can’t just call angels to be with me!” you’re wrong! The Angels and all other Spirit Beings are loving, willing and eager to help you. The moment you ask them to help you, they do.

If you come from a particular religious tradition and its prayers resonate with you, you can certainly feel free to use them as well.

Don’t worry about using just the right words. I have a friend who would always start out her prayer sessions by saying “Yo! Big Daddy in the sky!” and would follow it up with a similarly irreverent, but wholly authentic and personal, series of statements about what she wanted to be accomplishing that day.

Her “Big Daddy in the sky” might not be a well-worn pathway to God; but because of the intensity and love with which she utters it, it works for her.

Step 3: Begin Your Process

Once I’ve invoked their presence, I talk to them out loud about what my intentions are for this particular writing session.

Sometimes I talk for 30 seconds, sometimes our conversations last 15 minutes or more. Sometimes I don’t talk with my voice, but instead I write with my keyboard.

Back when I was just writing to my mom to heal my grief, I would tell her about how sad I was, how much I missed her, how much I wished I could talk to her about whatever was going on in my life. She would respond with her words of comfort, or her advice about whatever problem I was wrestling with.

Nowadays, this initial phase is like a diary – I’m simply telling Them about what’s going on in my life.

The purpose of this step is to flush out your conscious mind.

Your conscious brain wants to feel heard. Writing whatever’s on your mind also lets your Team know what aspect of your life is most “up” for you that day, and so that’s what they’re going to focus on.

Step 4: Catch the Inspiration

As I write (or talk), I’m noticing the thoughts or ideas that flit through my brain.

Some of them may be about whatever I’m writing about; but some of them definitely are not. My intention is always to hear the off-topic thoughts, and switch gears immediately to give them expression.

Learning this skill of switching gears really helped unlock the power of meditative journal writing for me.

I gave myself permission to simply stop writing in the middle of a sentence, if I suddenly noticed that my brain was producing a different thought, unrelated to whatever I was in the middle of writing about.


What did you think?