Today’s Blab: Money Manifestation!

Are you interested in energy & money?

Want to know what it takes to manifest greater financial abundance, using energetic principles?

In this episode I asked Rev. Lola Wright & Rev. Darrell Jones to get practical on this topic.

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The Julia Kline Show on Blab is a conversational mashup of Business, Spirituality & The Intentional Creation of Your Life. Broadcasting weekdays at 3pm CT.

In this episode I had a fascinating conversation with Rev. Lola Wright & Rev. Darrell Jones on the topic of Spiritual Money Practices.

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Below is the replay on YouTube. Click here for the Blabcast, which includes the comment thread & interactive features. For a written overview of what you’ll discover in the show, scroll down.

The 4-Step Process

Let’s begin with a few basic understandings:

  1. The wisdom offered here is for personal money management. While you can apply the lessons to either your business finances or your investment portfolio, our discussion was focused on your personal household finances.
  2. None of this is magic, as you’ll soon see. It works because it’s WORK. If you find these suggestions boring, or unappealing, or even scary … That’s some really good information for you, isn’t it? It shows where you’re in resistance, and where you need to dig in to experience your next big leap.
  3. Lola and I both teach this stuff. And even though we’d never discussed our methods before this Blabcast, our methods are virtually identical! What that says to me is, this is the way to do it. There are no shortcuts or easy answers. These are the only steps you need to get control of your money.

Step 1: Clarity

Having clarity around your money means knowing where you are and where you want to be!

Practical steps to help you gain clarity with your money include:

  1. Write down what you bought that day, at the end of each day. You can’t hide from your Money Mess when you’re in a daily practice.
  2. Write down your income. This is especially important if you’re a business owner.
  3. Know the totals. Understand your personal P&L statement.
  4. Know how much debt you have. All of it. To the penny.
  5. Count your blessings! Yes, gratitude.

As you move through these steps, you might start to feel judgment or shame about what’s being revealed. It’s good to feel those things; and, it’s important to move past them into acceptance.

There is no “good” or “bad” about how much you have or don’t have, how much you spent or didn’t spend, how much you earn or don’t earn.

The point with Clarity is to simply understand What Is. And to accept it.

Step 2: Order

Once you’ve gotten Clarity around What Is, now it’s time to establish some Order. Practical steps to help you do this include:

  1. Clean out your purse, wallet, desk …
  2. Take out your receipts every day and write down your expenses.
  3. Take out your tracking tool every day – whether that’s a homemade spreadsheet, QuickBooks, an online consumer budget tool, or just a pad of paper.
  4. Look at your account balances every day. Even when it’s painful, or you’ve over-spent, or your income hasn’t been what you’d hoped.
  5. Create budget categories based upon what you actually spend, not upon what you think you “should” spend.
  6. Set up different accounts for different purposes. Your checking account should never have more than this month’s expenses in it.
  7. Go on a Money-Negativity diet.

To go deeper on any of these recommendations, check out the Blabcast! This article is just an outline; our discussion illuminated these points more thoroughly.

Step 3: Creativity

This is the step where the magic & miracles happen. It’s the step where:

  • unexpected checks show up in your mailbox
  • an envelope full of stock certificates tumbles down from a forgotten shelf
  • a dusty mass in the attic reveals itself to be a collectible you can easily sell
  • your boss announces you’re getting a sizable & unexpected raise.

But because this is the fun step, it’s often tempting to skip ahead to it, and still expect the goodies.

But it’s really important to emphasize that Clarity and Order precede Creativity. Don’t skip those first 2 steps just because they sound like a lot of hard work that you really don’t want to deal with. Doing so will only prevent Step 3 from working for you. And here’s why.

Creativity requires that you be connected to the limitless abundance of the Universe. That you be tapped into the God within you.

It’s not possible to access your own innate creativity if you’re bogged down in worry, fear, lack consciousness, victim mentality, jealousy, envy, survival mindset, shame, doubt, panic, overwhelm or stress.

And if you haven’t gotten Clarity and Order around your money – if you’re in resistance to doing those steps – that’s a really good sign that you’re bogged down in one of those limiting beliefs.

So do the work of Steps 1 & 2, and trust us – Creativity will flow next.

On those occasions when you need to give your Creativity a little boost, Rev. Lola, Rev. Darrell and our other guest all recommended PLAY as an excellent tool. And we gave a number of examples of different kinds of play to try.

Step 4: Release

The final step is often the most challenging, because it’s where you Release your money. ie, give some of it away.

And when we’re in an experience of “I don’t have enough,” it can feel difficult – or even preposterous – to solve the problem by giving away what little we have.

But Rev. Darrell gave an excellent explanation that that’s not what Releasing your money is all about. I myself experienced an aha moment at one point as I was listening to him. And I’ve been teaching this money stuff for years!!

I can’t do it justice here, you’ll have to listen for yourself to what he said!

Please share in the comments which of these practices you’ve gotten a handle on (give yourself a pat on the back!), and which of them you still struggle with.



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