Boost Your Business: Learn to Say “No”

If you’ve been following the Sleaze-Free Selling Methodology, you know it’s critical that you learn to say “no” to a lot of potential customers – all those who don’t fit within your definition of your Ideal Customer.

Unfortunately this is hard for a lot of business owners to do.  Especially coaches, healers and other business owners in the “helping” professions.

After all, everybody who comes to you has a problem – usually a problem you can solve.  Since they’re suffering, shouldn’t you do your very best to help them solve it, instead of saying no to them?

Definitely not.

When you begin implementing the Sleaze-Free Selling tactics you’ve learned from me in your business, you’ll see that your sales and marketing efforts are much more efficient when you’re able to focus as narrowly as possible on certain kinds of customers.

Being efficient means that:

  • you spend less money on marketing and advertising
  • the leads you get are higher-quality ones, who convert more easily and in higher numbers
  • selling your products and services is MUCH easier – these people are your Ideal Customers!!  They have the exact problem you are best at solving.
  • followup marketing because easy and natural, because everyone who comes to you has (almost) the same problem, and (almost) the same hesitations about buying.

However, if you skip the step of narrowing down your Ideal Customer, everything in your sales and marketing cycle becomes much more difficult:

  • you’ll be working a lot harder, for smaller returns
  • you’ll be wasting time on ineffective sales and marketing
  • worst of all, you’ll have less time and energy to do what you love – serve customers!

To push yourself through this process, keep telling yourself that saying “no” to some types of customers means that you will be able to say “yes” to many more.

The customers you’ll be saying “no” to, remember, are less than ideal for you.  They might be good people, and they might be really suffering with something you could help them with.  But there are other people who are suffering more, from problems you can help more with.

And you only get to say “yes” to all of those Ideal Customers by saying no to the less than ideal ones.

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