Clear Your Money Blockages – Listen to These Amazing Stories of Wealth Attraction!

The exciting money-manifesting stories keep on coming from people who have attended my “Clear Your Money Blockages” workshop, so I thought I’d share a few of them!

First, The Biggee: Leslee (who live-streamed my March workshop) manifested more than $3,500 out of the clear blue sky just 10 days after the workshop.

The money that Leslee manifested did come from selling a coaching package – meaning, she did some work to earn it! However, she had never sold a coaching package for more than $1,200 before. And after attending the workshop and implementing the follow-up steps I prescribed, just 10 days later she sold a package for almost $5,000.

Other people have gotten results in their business that weren’t quite as dramatic as Leslee’s 5000 bucks, but still were a welcome turn-around:

  • Michelle (who attended back in December) sold approximately double the number of gift certificates she would normally have expected to sell over the Christmas season;
  • while Karen was able to collect $800 worth of previously past due invoices, that paid for a family trip to visit her daughter in college.

Then there’s Paige, who texted me – just 4 days after live-streaming the workshop a few weeks ago – to announce:

Paige Manifesting

 Other people have received totally random gifts of money, unrelated to their business. Leslie received a $500 Home Depot gift card out of the blue. She also collected $1,100 worth of rebates she hadn’t been able to collect in over a year.

Look at these messages from her – one via email and one that she posted on my Facebook wall:

Leslie 2 testimonials

As Jessica reported to me via Facebook, she opened her mail one day to discover an unexpected escrow refund of $701!

jessica Escrow Refund

These are just a FEW of the fabulous success stories from people who attend my “Clear Your Money Blockages” workshop.

GuaranteeSign7In fact, the results are so dramatic – and occur for such a high percentage of attendees – that I offer this crazy guarantee:  You will manifest at least your ticket price within 3 weeks of the workshop … or you get a full refund!

Now here’s the one big caveat: you have to do the follow-up steps I prescribe! Even with the kind of powerful energy work we do during this workshop, nothing will change in your life if you yourself don’t change. So if you simply attend the workshop, and then never take any action, naturally you can’t expect anything big to happen for you.

The good news is, the action steps are relatively easy, and only take about 5 minutes a day. And half of it you can do anyplace – driving, walking the dog, whatever. The other half you need to write, so you have to be at a table or your computer.

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