"8 days after your workshop, I found out I'm the beneficiary of a $45,000 account - one I never knew existed!" 

My heart is POUNDING as I type this. I have really been cutting it close on money stuff these last 7 months. Last weekend, I noticed a piece of "junk mail" from JP Morgan Retirement Services, addressed to my late husband. I decided to remind them to take us off their mailing lists-- since my husband has been gone over 2 years now.

He said, "Ma'am, we only send that mailing to account holders. I'll check to see if there are funds in it." 10 minutes later, the rep called me back to tell my there is over $45K in the account and I am the beneficiary. I never new this account existed!!  ~ Therese Marzouk

Therese Marzouk

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VIP's save 25% - just $72.75

Learn about becoming a VIP - click here

But How Do I Know This Will Work For Me?

Dozens of people have gone through this workshop.

*  Slightly more than half of them have manifested $100's within a week or two after the workshop.
*  Several people have manifested $1,000's.
*  Three people have manifested $10,000 or more!!

But almost half have seen no real results at all.

What's the difference?

The people who have gotten results have done the work.

The work isn't hard - a few minutes a day. But it's essential that you do it, if you expect results.

Can "energy" really be transmitted through a video?


In the almost 2 years I've been conducting this Workshop and selling the video recording of it, there's been no difference in results for for live vs. online attendance.

In fact Therese - the woman who manifested $45,000 8 days after the Workshop - was an online attendee.

Therese also embraced the Action Plan with gusto. Only one other person did her daily assignments as enthusiastically as Therese - and that was Leslee Serdar, whose story is below!

"OMG! WOW! WHAT a seminar! I got $3,350!

'Just a week and a half after your 'Clear your Money Blockages' money manifestation seminar I brought in an unexpected $3,350 from a coaching client!!!! Not only was it due to your energy work but it was also because of the practical tools and mantras that you gave me to do after, which I did do! I am SO GRATEFUL! : ))' ~ Leslee Serdar

"I received $800 within 2 days of Julia's Workshop -
that wouldn't have happened if I had stayed in my comfort zone, at home!"

As a Clinical Social Worker I've had a long career of working extremely hard, but I always saw my husband's salary as the money that sustained our family. At the time of Julia's Workshop, my family wanted to visit my daughter in college but we didn't have the money to do it because my husband's paycheck had been spent. The Workshop made me realize that my business could pay for the trip! So I got into action and in 2 days I had earned $800 that allowed us to go on the trip! Since then, the Workshop has resulted in long-lasting, dramatic shifts in how I see myself as a financial provider for my family.
~Karen Adler, LCSW

Leslie Barrick Leslie Barrick

A couple of weeks ago I took Julia Kline's "Clear your Money Blockages" workshop. I did the daily mantras, and just a few days later I couldn't believe it when I received a $500 UPS gift card, special delivered by UPS. It was totally unexpected! It is so cool to manifest money!!

Jessica Thurman Jessica Thurman

Found a check in my stack of mail that I thought was for my tax information ... turned out to be a check for $701 for an escrow overage!

Paige Nathan Paige Nathan

Money is manifesting just by thinking about having a new relationship with it! Just got a new member who I never even met!!

Michelle Donat Michelle Donat

After taking your workshop and doing the work you told us to do, I sold about double the number of gift certificates I would normally expect to sell - thanks! 

What exactly IS an energetic transmission?

It's a bit like a meditation, but it's more passive for the receiver. You'll sit quietly in a chair with your eyes closed, as you tune in to whatever you feel or sense. Some people just feel peaceful and relaxed. Others get profound hits of intuition. Some see colors or hear things. If you're skilled in the healing arts yourself, you might actually see me moving the energy, or you may feel the energy moving in your body.

Regardless of what you feel or experience during the Transmission, there's no doubt things will change for you on an energetic level. This is a powerful transformational energy that raises your vibration, and I'm merely the channel.

For more information, read the blog post I wrote about the first time this transmission spontaneously happened, live on video camera in front of 100+ people.

This Transmission Was Originally Dubbed
The 7-Figure ORGASM

But don't panic!

Nobody's gonna be having orgasms at this workshop.

Saying it was orgasmic is just one way of describing the intensity and the power of the energy I draw down for you. And yes, at the original experience of this Transmission 2.5 years ago, 8 people experienced full-body orgasms during it.  But that was at an event called Ecstatic Wealth, where the audience was primed for that sort of thing.

If you're wondering just what an "energetic transmission" is, read the blog post I wrote about the first time it happened, live on video camera in front of 100+ people at the Ecstatic Wealth event.

'In 23 years as a healing artist, I've never felt energy like this. It healed my disconnect between spirit and financial abundance.'

Julia's 7 figure orgasm was a powerful body-mind-soul-orgasmic-ecstatic-activation. I had a profound physically orgasmic experience healing the disconnection between spirit and financial abundance. Her ability to hold and move energy was unlike anything I have ever felt before and I have been a professional healing artist for 23 years. Julia is a bridge builder and activator for heart centered entrepreneurs to truly receive money as a means of experiencing ecstasy in everyday life for our heart-work. Thank you Julia.

~ Christel Arcucci, www.ChristelArcucci.com

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