Clearing Your Money Blockages WORKS

A lot of people are skeptical when I tell them about the astounding money-manifestation results of my “Clear Your Money Blockages” Energy Activation Event.

That’s just a coincidence that money showed up for people right after they attended your event, Julia!

There’s nothing ‘mystical’ about what you’re telling me – it’s just blind luck, that people get all this money right after your event!

Single mom Therese Marzouk now has an extra $45,000!

Single mom Therese Marzouk now has an extra $45,000!

In the case of Therese Marzouk – the single mom who discovered a $45,000 account at JP Morgan that she never knew she had, just 8 days after the event – people have said,

 “Neither you nor Therese created that money, Julia. It was there all along. The only thing that happened is that she found out about it!

My answer is: EXACTLY!!

We are all – each and every one of us – surrounded by wealth and abundance. This is, after all, an abundant and loving Universe. Everything you want is right there waiting for you …

 … If only you would open your eyes and SEE it!

Just like Therese and her $45,000 investment account.

She had the money all along.

Her $45,000 was sitting there for years, in an account at JP Morgan, with her name on it, just waiting for her to come and collect it.

And JP Morgan (as a messenger of the Universe) had even been sending her periodic “junk mail” about it … that she had been throwing in the garbage.

Until one day when she didn’t throw it away anymore.

So I ask you, What wealth & abundance is the Universe desperately trying to give you, that you’re just throwing away?

What blessings of love, wealth, happiness and pleasure are you simply pushing aside, ignoring, disbelieving??

If you don’t know the answers to those questions – or worse, if you don’t believe the Universe has any blessings in store for you at all! – you will discover them at the “Clear Your Money Blockages” Energy Activation Event.

This Energy Activation Event has 4 components:

  1. Practical money-management strategies. If you’re being irresponsible with the money you already have, the Universe will hesitate to give you any more. So during the event, I teach you several daily practices that take less than 5 minutes … but which make a profound impact on your day to day relationship with money.

  2. Statements of Intentional Creation. Call it goal-setting, call it visioning, call it positive mental attitude if you prefer. The name doesn’t matter. What matters is that you open your mind, your Spirit and everything in between to the possibility of wealth and abundance now flowing into your life.

  3. The Energetic Transmission. I conclude the event with a 20-minute shamanic meditation. People who allow themselves to do so feel tremendous energy from this transmission. It “sizzles” your previous self-limiting beliefs and behavior patterns, allowing you to step into something new and more fulfilling. People who come to the event feeling more skeptical will more likely experience it as a subtle meditation, calm and relaxing.

  4. Your Homework. Nothing will change in your life if you don’t change. You do have to take actions after the Event is over. They’re simple actions, that take less than 15 minutes a day. But you must do them, if you expect to receive results.

How much longer are you going to wait?

The Universe has blessings it’s patiently waiting to give to you.

Stop waiting.

Start receiving.

Register for the “Clear Your Money Blockages” Energy Activation Event now.

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