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If you're reading this ...

... it’s because you’ve recently had a Sales Wounds™ conversation with me, and we’ve gotten to the root of why you haven’t been sharing your message effectively up until now.

We also came up with some initial action steps you could take, now that your primary blockage has been cleared.

The reason I’m offering this class is to support you in actually DOING it.

The day after my Sales Wounds session with Julia, I enrolled a new $1,500 client, totally unexpectedly. Thanks Julia!

Umoh Luna

Here's what you can expect from this class:

Increased clarityYou’ve got a pretty good idea right now of what your message is, who your best audience is, and a few possibilities for how to be more effective in reaching that audience with your message. But those understandings will naturally evolve as you begin to take steps forward, because no plan survives contact with reality. In this class I’ll help you continually hone your message, your audience and your delivery method.

Re-injection of confidenceThe single biggest obstacle for virtually every entrepreneur is maintaining the enthusiasm to keep going, even in the face of setbacks. This class will give you the opportunity to talk about those setbacks, and how they make you feel like giving up or going back into hiding with your work, your talent, your message. Talking about your fears in this way is like shining a flashlight in the monster’s eyes - it paralyzes and dissolves them.

Accountability. It’s all too easy to let a day, a week, a month slip by without taking any action on your goals. You can choose to use this class - with its weekly calls and daily accountability in the Facebook group - as a set of accountability checks for yourself.

"Julia you gave me clarity & direction in less than an hour
that I’ve been racking my brain around for days.
Your strategic marketing guidance is priceless!"  ~ Jennifer Villarreal

How This Class Will Be Structured

4 Weekly Video CallsEach week I’ll deliver 30-45 minutes of information to the group that I think everyone is needing to hear, based upon the homework I’ve been getting and the discussions in the private Facebook group. Each call will conclude with a 15-minute meditation.

Weekly Assignments (optional). Each week I’ll offer suggestions to the group for how to deepen the work you’re doing. These assignments are totally optional, provided only for the benefit of those who want more. If you do the assignments, you can email them to me and I’ll email you back with personalized feedback.

A Private Facebook Group. As part of this class, you’ll gain access to my private Revealing YOU! Facebook group. In the group, I post daily assignments designed to help you stay on track. When you reply to these posts, it’s an opportunity for me and other members of the class to give you feedback. (more about the Facebook group below)

Private email access to meWhile this class isn't meant to be a substitute for private coaching, you’re welcome to email me with sales copy, your evolving ideas, or anything else you want me to hear. Sometimes just having someone to “listen” to you is all it takes to get the creative juices flowing. I’ll respond to your emails with encouragement, tweaks, suggestions on what to do next, etc.

I just want to say thank you Julia for this program and your amazing coaching. I have 2 new clients this month, each with 2 treatments done or scheduled. I also have another in-person contact who is interested. This is huge, I was very stuck the last quarter of 2015, and January 2016 is already so much more movement and income!

Jenn Morgan
YES! I'm ready to Join Now!

When, Where & How

Class datesWe'll start on either the 13th or 14th of December, and my plan is that we'll meet every week. But if a majority of the class wants to skip the week between Christmas and New Year's, that's what we'll do. 

Class timesI will schedule the class times next week, based upon feedback from those who sign up during the Early Bird. Class will most likely meet at 11am on either Tuesdays or Wednesdays. If a significant percentage of you want to have classes in the evening, we'll alternate daytime and evening classes.

Access to classI'll be using Zoom as our platform. This will enable you to access class via either telephone or video, but I'll be on video. 

Recording. All classes will be recorded and available within 24 hours after the live broadcast.

Julia explains it so it actually makes sense.

I have heard teleseminars, watched podcasts and attended many seminars on all the same information before. But Julia explains it so it actually makes sense, AND gives concrete ways to implement it!

~ Marilynn DeLucca

More About the Private Facebook Group

My belief is that there are a few categories of activities that every entrepreneur needs to pay attention to on a regular basis:

Money - sales, cash flow, profitability

Tactics & strategy - what are you actually DOING? Is it effective? What do you need to tweak?

Mindset - the inner game is where the entrepreneurial battle is really lost. Every time. 


Consistency  - half the battle is getting started; but the other half is sticking with it.

Visibility & self-promotion - the whole class is about getting more visible. But each week you get a chance to practice your visibility by sharing your sales message with all of us. Who knows - you might even sell something to someone in the group! 🙂  

To this end, I make a post every day that calls your attention to one of these categories. Whether or not you respond to the post is optional; but if you set aside 15 minutes every day to bring your awareness to that day’s post, you’ll see remarkable gains over the course of the month.

“In less than 10 minutes of asking me questions, Julia revealed a blind spot that has been hidden for so long. It’s changed everything!”

~ Jonathan Bautista

YES! I'm ready to Join Now!

All 4 weeks for just

Take an extra $100 Early Bird savings -
only $147
when you register by Tuesday 12/6