How to Become an Instant Expert: Land an Interview on Network TV!

Every marketer knows that one of the best ways to grow your business is to become an expert.

Kerri-Lee Mayland interviewing Julia Kline

Kerri-Lee Mayland interviewing Julia Kline live on NBC news

When your customers view you as an expert:

  • you can charge higher prices
  • you close sales at a much higher rate
  • you get to choose who you want to work with (and who you don’t!)
  • and much, much more

So how does one do this expert thing? And specifically, how do you get interviewed on network TV?

I did it by leveraging relationships, plain and simple.

Specifically, I’ve aligned myself with a women’s networking organization called Over 40 Females. The founder and CEO, Judy Goss, is a former editor of More Magazine, so she knows her way around a press release. LOL

I’ve made it my business to bring a lot of value to her organization … and as a consequence, she lined me up to speak at almost a dozen of her chapters around the country. Plus she asked her NBC contact in Connecticut, Kerri-Lee Mayland, to interview me.

As an aside (and I mean this to be helpful, not self-promotinal), the anchorwoman Kerri-Lee said that as soon as she and her producer heard my book’s title they were intrigued.

Kerri-Lee further said that she and her producer get sent a lot of books from authors/agents requesting exposure, but a lot of them leave them feeling kinda flat. Whereas my title immediately stirred their imagination, and got them envisioning a segment.

As a second aside, Kerri-Lee also told me that my personality & presence is great for TV. In other words, TV isn’t a media that’s ideally suited for everyone.

So here’s your formula for becoming an expert by getting booked on network TV:

  1. Have something to say that’s newsworthy.
  2. Your newsworthiness must stand out from the crowd in a way that’s interesting and engaging.
  3. Nurture relationships. Every relationship counts – you never know who might be the person who knows someone at NBC!
  4. Make it easy for a reporter or producer to envision doing a segment about you.
  5. Be dynamic on camera.

That’s about it!

I can’t wait to hear how YOU take this advice and start to become an expert. Leave me a comment and tell me about it!

Click below to watch the full 4.5-minute interview:

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