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You're here because even though you already KNOW HOW to sell stuff, you’re having a hard time actually doing it very successfully.

And you’ve recently learned about Sales Wounds™, and you want to know more.

• What ARE Sales Wounds™?
• How do you know if they're the cause of your sales problems?
• What's involved in healing them?

These are the questions
the videos on this page are going to answer.

If you realize, after watching the videos, that you DO suffer from at least a couple Sales Wounds™, you'll want to take the next step toward eliminating them as blockages to your sales success.

To do that, join my 2-hour live online workshop, Heal Your Sales Wounds™.

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If you know anything at all about sales, you probably know that it’s not terribly complicated.

In fact, you yourself could probably stand up right now and deliver a presentation about how to sell stuff. In other words, you know the mechanics already.

However, in my work over the years with 100’s of entrepreneurs and salespeople, I’ve come to understand that knowing HOW to sell and being ABLE to sell effectively are two entirely different kettles of fish.

I especially learned this after I published my Amazon best-selling book, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Sleaze-Free Selling, in 2013.

Readers would constantly say to me, “This all sounds great - but I can’t actually DO the things you recommend to de-sleaze my sales process and make myself feel good about selling a lot of my products and services.”

This echoed the struggles I’ve often seen entrepreneurs and salespeople have, over the almost 2 decades I’ve been coaching and teaching salesmanship.

What's the Solution?

About 3 years ago, I got the flash of insight that most of us have self-limiting beliefs about money, salesmanship and success.

These self-limiting beliefs STOP US from being able to effectively implement even the most heart-centered sales tactics we may have learned.

I call these self-limiting beliefs Sales Wounds™, and I have identified 6 of them.

  1. The Money Wound™
  2. The Love & Money Wound™
  3. The Selling Wound™
  4. The Anti-Selling Wound™
  5. The Prostitution Wound™
  6. The Visibility Wound™

In the following videos, I explain each Wound in more detail:

  • The Self-Limiting Belief

    Behind each Wound is a core self-limiting belief. Its original purpose was to keep you safe; but now that belief is just holding you back.

  • The Fear

    Since the self-limiting beliefs were formed to keep us safe, that also means they’re fueled by fear. I’ll tell you what it is, behind each Wound, that you’re really afraid of.

  • The Symptoms

    These are the indicators that the Wound might be negatively impacting you. Some of them might surprise you!

Learn to walk the Master Path

While you’re suffering from any of the Wounds, we say that you’re on the student path - you’re learning and growing and changing.

But once you’ve completed your lessons, now you can say that you’re on the Master Path. This is where you start to see very different results for your business and your life.

I'll share in each video what the Master Path is for each of the Sales Wounds™, and what changes you can expect to see as a result.

Heal Your Sales Wounds™ Now -
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My business had its best month in 2 years!

The month following this workshop with Julia was the best month the business has had in 2 years!! When she showed me what I had been doing wrong (because of my fear - ahem, I mean Sales Wound!), it was so easy to fix.

~ Janice Means, EmbroidMe Crystal Lake

In the workshop we will address the two Wounds that have the most direct impact on sales performance - the Selling Wound™ and the Anti-Selling Wound™.

You'll learn the commonly accepted sales practices - the same ones everybody thinks are just the way you do sales - that are actually TRIGGERING your Sales Wounds™, and therefore stopping you from succeeding.

Plus I'll give you simple workarounds for these practices that feel much better, but still produce super-effective results.

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Sales Wound #1: The Money Wound™

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Sales Wound #2: The Love & Money Wound™

Sales Wounds #3 and 4:
The Selling Wound™ and the Anti-Selling Wound™

Sales Wound #5: The Prostitution Wound™

Sales Wound #6: The Visibility Wound™

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