Introducing the Blockage Removal Intensive:

Sales & Marketing Consulting combined with
intuitively-guided Healing & Transformation

If you're ready to BOTH grow your business and transform your soul ... then a Blockage Removal Intensive might be exactly what you've been seeking.

A typical Intensive might include:

  • Healing or release regarding some deeply buried wounds or fears
  • A precise outline of action items to improve your website or sales funnel
  • A meditation to open you to receive wealth and abundance
  • Allow you to see a whole new direction for your business - a new sales avenue, a rewarding partnership, a product line you’d never thought of before

In short, whatever your Guides want you to hear and take action on, that you haven't been hearing up until now - that’s what I’ll be the channel for that day.

The work I do for high-end consulting clients includes:

Is this Sales Blockage Intensive for you?

When it comes to business mentoring, you have many resources to choose from. Choosing the right support for you can sometimes be overwhelming!

However, you know that having a mentor equals having a shortcut to building your business … a shortcut in terms of saved money, time and energy.

For the last 3 years I’ve been extremely selective about who I’ve mentored: I’ve only offered one-on-one consulting time to business owners with revenues between $500K and $15M.

  • Write ad copy for Facebook and Google ad campaigns
  • Design and oversee complex online marketing funnels
  • Develop online membership programs
  • Write scripts to close sales over the phone
  • Design websites
  • Train sales teams
  • Produce, sell and conduct live events

“I’m amazed at the vastness of what Julia brings to the table.”

I knew you were a sales & marketing expert; but I'm truly amazed at the vastness of all you do. 

You're not just coaching me on my business, but a lot of personal stuff. I think other coaches may have intentions of helping with the personal blockages, but they're really focused on the business goals. Your suggestions for getting unstuck with my personal blockages are fresh and creative and unique.

I'm getting everything I need out of this relationship, including things I didn't know I need but now I know I did.

~ Vania Clark Butler,

Watch Vania's 2-minute Testimonial

All this, while never losing sight of business basics - sales conversionappropriate messaging, lead generation, follow-up marketing, etc.

Jenn Morgan Jenn Morgan, energetic healer with acupuncture & gemstones

“I’m seeing concrete sales results from Julia’s coaching.”

“I just want to say thank you Julia for this program and your amazing coaching. I have 2 new clients this month, each with 2 treatments done or scheduled. I got a message from a pic of the Valentine’s Day package you helped me create, and she is super excited. I also have another in-person contact who is interested. This is huge, I was very stuck the last quarter of 2015, and January 2016 is already so much more movement and income!

Jennifer Villarreal Jennifer Villarreal, Sales From the Heart

Julia you gave me clarity & direction in less than an hour that I’ve been racking my brain around for days.

Your strategic marketing guidance is priceless!

The strategic marketing tips and guidance you provided for me greatly helped for planning my upcoming event ... this is priceless!  Julia you gave me clarity and direction with marketing ideas to implement all in less than 1 hour - and I've been racking my brain around this for days!

Does that all sound deliciously juicy to you?

Great! Because it’s now more affordable than ever for you to work with me!

While I still do high-end consulting …

… I’m now offering, for the first time EVER, this same level of intense transformational work for your business and life, but now in a condensed package - making it much more affordable for the average business owner.

You completely changed how I look at my business - and we'd only been talking for 19 minutes!

Judy Goss, CEO Over 40 Females

You're the exact combination we needed of on-target marketing advice and intuitive channeling and healing.

Rachel & Mauro Moncayo, Brookhaven Fitness Studio

My normal consulting rate is $625/hr ...

... so a 2-hour session with me would be $1,250.

But because this Blockage Removal Intensive isn’t my normal consulting
… and because there’s no set length that it will last …
… and because I want all 8 available slots to sell out quickly

This Blockage Removal Intensive won’t cost you $1,250.
In fact it won’t even cost you $800.

Click Here to see how affordable it is


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you conduct the sessions?

Your session will be over the telephone.

How long does it last?

The session will be approximately 90 minutes. However, if your Guides only need an hour to tell you what they have to say, we'll end early. It's possible the session will even last as long as 2 hours, if that's what's needed.

Can I get a recording of the session?

Yes. The session will be recorded and sent to you as an .mp3 link.

What if it doesn't "work" for me?

I offer a full 100% money back guarantee. If you feel this session wasn't everything you hoped for and more, just let me know at the conclusion of the session and I'll return your full purchase price. And we can even still be friends. 😉

What's the normal price for these sessions? I've never done anything like this before, so there is no "normal." However, my normal consulting rate is $625/hr.

Do I have to do anything before the session? Yes. I will ask you to prepare some intuitive questions; and also to answer a questionnaire about your current business.

Your business and your life will never be the same.


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