How to Land National Media and PR … for FREE!

I got an email the other day from an AM radio talk show host here in Chicago that said: “I checked out your media kit and am very impressed. Are you available to appear on the show on 12/28 at 6:15pm?”

Score! Another notch for me on my media/PR belt. And I didn’t pay one penny for it.

Wanna know how I did it? Of course you do. 😉

If you’re a coach, consultant, healer, author, speaker or anybody who makes your living by giving advice to people …

… here’s what happens to your career, your credibility and YOUR INCOME when you land spots on major media:

  • Your brand becomes more widely recognized
  • Anybody who hears about you on that radio show or on that TV show or in that article now takes it for granted that YOU’RE THE EXPERT.
  • That person who believes you’re the expert is now willing to pay a lot more for whatever it is you’re selling
  • You’ve got a badge of instant credibility to put on your website, your blog, your email signature …
  • When you link to the interview on social media, your friends and followers are very likely to share it with their friends and followers
  • You can clip sound bites out of the interview and re-purpose it for your blog, on social media, etc

But of course the biggest benefit of landing PR and media spots is … MORE PR AND MEDIA SPOTS!

It’s like a snowball rolling downhill, once it gets started.

Here’s proof:

I shared on Facebook the same bit of news that I told you at the top of this email – that an AM radio host was impressed by my media kit and wanted to book me.

Guess what happened?

One of my Facebook friends commented on the thread: “Julia, I host an AM radio show in Dallas – I’d love to have you on my show as well.” In other words, by posting about one of my media gigs, I landed another media gig.

How cool is that??

I promised you a juicy freebie to help you get started getting more PR and media for yourself, but in fact I’ve actually got THREE juicy freebies for you:

  1. My Media Kit. This baby is GOOD, as proven by the results it gets. I encourage you to study it, learn from it, even copy it whole-hog for yourself.
  2. Me!! Got questions? I’m making myself available to you!! Just email and I’ll answer you personally, whatever you want to know about growing your business, creating your Media Kit, landing PR, etc.
  3. This amazing article from Social Sage PR: 10 Social PR Strategies to Build Your Brand. Read this article, do what it says, be light years ahead of where you are now, in terms of landing free media and PR.

And finally, if you know you’re ready to play in the big leagues with your media and PR, I invite you to join me in one of the best, most intensive 6-month immersion programs that exists.

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There’s nothing else like this program, anywhere. Nobody has the kind of secret mojo that Donna does.

Believe me – I used to TEACH this social media stuff! In fact, Donna was a student of mine, back in the day. But now the student has far surpassed the master … and I’m eagerly learning at her feet, in this program.

So when you join Donna’s program, you and I will be working shoulder to shoulder, each of us getting more exposure and brand awareness for our business than we ever dreamed possible.

And yes, I’m doing this work myself. Not handing it off to an assistant. It’s THAT important. I encourage you to do the same thing.

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