Maximizing Your Event Sponsorship – Part 1 of a Series

When it comes to lead generation, there’s no such thing as a magic bullet.  What works great for one business can be a giant waste of time, money and energy for another business.  And that’s certainly true for event sponsorship.

I recently attended Suzanne Evans’ “Be The Change” event – at which one of the 75 sponsors reportedly earned half a million dollars during the event!  Yet more than one sponsor I talked to was walking away disappointed, afraid they wouldn’t even recoup their initial investment.

If you’re considering event sponsorship as a method of growing your business, and you want to be one of the ones who succeeds, you’ll want to read every article in this series, “Maximizing Your Event Sponsorship.”

In this series you’ll learn:

  • 3 things to consider when determining which events to sponsor

  • To Bling or Not to Bling – when a fancy booth pays off, and when it can actually hurt you

  • 2 ingenious ideas for getting people to spend time at your booth – and one “ingenious” idea that bombed!

  • surprising lessons about quantity vs. quality of leads

  • and more!

This series is based upon interviews I conducted with many of the sponsors at Be The Change – which, for those who don’t know, is one of the fastest-growing events in the small business world, with over 900 attendees turning out recently in Orlando for the 4-day extravaganza, along with a whopping 75 sponsors!

Before we move on to the interviews, I’ll offer this piece of advice for any business owner considering event sponsorship:  start small.

Just like most other lead generation strategies, event sponsorship costs money. If you don’t know how to convert your leads into sales, you’ll be left in the red.  You can minimize your risk by starting out with lower-ticket sponsorships, moving up to larger opportunities once you get the hang of how to maximize your event sponsorship.

Click here for the first interview in the series, “Simplicity Can Be The Key to an Effective Trade Show Booth, with New York Times Bestselling author, Carol Kline.

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