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Lisa Rodriguez is a business owner who started out like so many others, undercharging for her services. But then she had a lightbulb moment that gave her the courage to realize she was worth a lot more.

This post is the story of that lightbulb moment, a story I’m calling “Not Gonna Take It Anymore.” Lisa related it to me during a Sales Wounds™ interview she and I did recently.

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One of the things I struggled with the most when I started my own business was that I felt almost like I wasn’t worthy. I didn’t know enough, I wasn’t good enough at what I did … because in my mind, I felt like a newbie. Even though I had the administrative and project management background, as well as some of the technical aspects,  I didn’t have a lot of money for formal training because I still had to support my household. So I taught myself everything. I didn’t have any kind of a degree. 

So I almost felt like a fraud. Here I’m hanging a shingle telling people I’m an Online Business Manager, but I’ve only been doing it a few months and I’ve only got two clients. There was a lot of that kind of self-doubt, in the beginning.

It made it really hard for me to sell my services. And because of that whole internal thing I had going on, my pricing was completely ridiculous. I was doing websites for $250 when I started out. I told myself I didn’t know enough, even though they were happy with the end result. I once did a full-blown membership website for $1,000 and it was an absolute nightmare because I needed help, but I couldn’t afford to hire any help because I wasn’t being paid enough.

It was a huge wake-up call. I basically tripled my prices. And yeah, the phone stopped ringing as much, but it was almost like I started finding the clients I really wanted to work with. This one woman told me, “I’ve been looking at your website for months but I didn’t think you could be any good, based on the prices you had on your website. Now that you’ve raised your prices, I decided to call you.” So that was a really big turning point for me.

While it’s good news that Lisa eventually got to the point that she felt comfortable charging more for her services, it actually wasn’t a mistake for her to charge so little in the beginning.

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Lisa’s story didn’t end with the Anti-Selling Wound™. As our conversation continued, we discovered that she had also suffered at one point from a Love & Money Wound™, but that her primary wound at this point was The Money Wound™.

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