Practical Strategies for How to Offset Decreased Profit With Clever Marketing

Is your business suffering from reduced profits due to rising expenses? You can ALWAYS offset that loss by creatively marketing a high-profit product or service.

Case in point: Rising beef prices have many restaurant owners whining that they have to sell their steaks at a loss or risk losing customers – and either way, they lose money.

But don’t fall for that sob story!

The big profit in restaurants was never in the entrees – it’s always been in liquor and desserts. And because those are impulse buys anyway, they’re most easily impacted with clever marketing.

Example A: Create a new dessert and give it a tantalizing name. Print an inexpensive table topper with a picture and a few lines of copy.

Make sure to mention that it’s great for sharing, and you can easily add a couple bucks to the price, which is sheer profit.

cocktailExample B: To encourage your regulars to come back more often, do the same thing as above – maybe with a cocktail this time.

Tell them they get one free when they come back within 7 days – plus each of their friends gets one at half price!

This doesn’t just work for restaurants, it can be applied to any business.

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