What do you REALLY want? (A meditation to help you get it)

I just completed my weekly group coaching call, and something pretty unique happened.

Normally, these calls are a Q&A session about marketing and sales. Everybody on the call is a student of my “Consultant in a Box” online program, and the calls are their opportunity to get individual help from me about whatever marketing initiatives they’re working on.

But today, the Q&A portion of the call wrapped up early, leaving us with some extra time.

So I ended up doing a meditation called “What do you REALLY want?” that left all of us on the call feeling inspired, supported and loved – in short, absolutely primed to start receiving everything we really want!

It was such a positive experience, I decided I would share some of that delicious energy with you too, here in this email.

So if there are things you REALLY want in your life – but you somehow feel you’ve been blocked from receiving – get ready! This could be really amazing for you. 😉


I’m about to share the meditation with you – but if you already know you’d like to increase your results by getting some support from me, there are 2 ways you can do it:

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Let’s get started with the meditation:

The first thing to do is get into a space of quiet receptivity. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and bring all your energy into the present moment.

Now say this out loud:

“Gabriel, Michael, Rafael and Uriel, I ask for your presence now. I also ask for my Guardian Angels, Higher Council and any other Beings who are coming from a place of pure Love and Light to join me now. Any beings of Darkness or mischief, stay away. Your presence is not welcome here.”

If you think you “don’t know how” to invoke Divine Guidance, don’t worry! As soon as you say these words, your Angels will respond.

(I’ve also done my part, as I’m writing this email, to ensure that Beings of Light will show up for you.)

The next thing to do is simply ask yourself, “What do I REALLY want?”

Allow the answer to come from your heart, your gut, or your intuition – anyplace but your rational, intellectual mind.

Write down what comes to you first.

One of the students on my coaching call said, “I want to be able to continue being of service to my clients and customers.”

Try not to get complicated, and also don’t allow this to become a laundry list. Instead, focus on one thing you REALLY want.

You can always repeat the exercise again for another item on your list!

Now ask yourself, “Is there any reason I think I can’t have that?”

Again, allow the answer to come from your intuition or your unconscious, not your intellect.

The person on my coaching call said, “I’m afraid I’m gonna run out of money and the business is going to fold, and then I won’t be able to be of service anymore.”

As she shared this, the following message came to me from my own Guides, so I said it out loud to her:

“What you’re saying is that you want to receive the support you need in order to continue being a support for others. What you must learn to do is see all of the support that’s available to you, and trust that it will in fact support you – even when you give up control.”

And she responded, “Yes, that rings very true. That’s always my struggle. Every day, part of my meditation is that I ask not just for support, but I ask for the ability to trust in the support that shows up.”

So I asked her, “Why can’t you trust in the support that shows up?”

Her response was, “Fear.”

So the message I got from my Guides for her was,

“It is OK for you to be afraid. It is OK for you to see support in your life, and still choose not to take it, because it’s still too scary for you to consider being supported from outside of yourself.


You have permission to see how surrounded you are by unlimited sources of support … and still not allow yourself to receive any of them!! That’s OK to do. All it means is that you are just very, very afraid – and that’s OK too. You are still lovable and worthy, no matter how scared and small and weak you feel.”

I asked her how she felt to hear those words, and she said, slowly and with feeling, “It feels really, really good.”

And POW! As soon as she said “Good,” we all felt the energy start running through us like rivers of electricity.

Truth is powerful stuff.

As a matter of fact, transformation cannot occur where there is dishonesty.

What’s important is that we don’t “get real” with our limitations, or perceived limitations. Rather, we must simply get real with what IS.

In other words, don’t say, “I just have to be honest with myself – I’m never gonna be a good _______.”  Instead, say, “I just have to be honest with myself. I’m afraid to be a good _____ because … “

So the final step of the meditation is to ask yourself, “What am I afraid of?” But do so with the consciousness that it’s ok to be afraid.

Being gentle with yourself in this way allows your real fears to bubble to the service, where they know they won’t be judged or criticized or – worst of all – eliminated.

Your fears are there for a reason; and the first step to getting past them is to allow them to simply BE.

I hope that this exercise has been helpful for you.

If you’d like to go deeper than you can on your own, I can offer you support in two ways:

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Finally, if you enjoyed this process – or you want to tell me about what came up for you in the meditation – please leave me a comment.


What did you think?