Hi! My name is Julia Kline.

Welcome to Revealing YOU!

Since you've found your way here, you're probably someone who wants:

  • to overcome the blockages that are stopping you from becoming all of who you're meant to be

  • to discover & learn to honor (and sell!) your unique brilliance

  • to become VISIBLE, in a much bigger way, to the people who most need and want what you have to offer
    (What do you say? Where and how do you say it? How do you get people to listen?)

  • to connect authentically with these people you can help, so that sales becomes elegant and easy

That's what this program is all about. Discovering a more authentic YOU! than you've ever been before, and then fearlessly doing the work that propels you, your message and your Great Work out into the world in a bigger way.

Does that sound good to you? Awesome!

The day after my Sales Wounds session with Julia, I enrolled a new $1,500 client, totally unexpectedly. Thanks Julia!

Umoh Luna

Radical Honesty About What IS.

You begin your journey with an in-depth Self-Assessment of your business, your emotional impulses, your self-sabotaging tendencies .... Everything. While this process lays you bare in a very vulnerable way, it encourages you to be loving and accepting of yourself - so that you can begin to make changes from a place of empowerment, not shame or self-criticism.

Plus you'll be looking at the facts of your business, maybe for the first time - how many customers & clients you have, how much they're paying you, what your expenses are, whether you're turning a profit or going into debt ... This might sound scary, but the first step in changing anything is to measure what's already there.


Deep Inquiry Around, "What's Stopping Me?"

Based on your answers to the Self-Assessment, you're guided to a customized sequence of steps that addresses your unique blockages. Whether your blockages are emotional or practical, you'll find the tools to take your next step. Additionally, the group calls and private Facebook group are your chance to get support and feedback from me and the rest of the group as you work through these blockages. 

Join Monthly - just $147/mo
Join for 6 Months & receive
a FREE coaching session

Your Monthly Membership Includes:

  • "How to Heal Your Sales Wounds" 4 Module Training Program

    These lessons teach every step of the sales process, from lead generation to overcoming objections, through this new lens of non-Woundedness.

  • Updated Video training, released monthly

    Each month I release a new lesson on a specific tactic for generating leads & making sales.

  • Initial Self-Assessment

    This document is your personalized road map through your journey of Revealing YOU! It reveals your hidden jackpots … as well as your areas of greatest Resistance.

  • Private Facebook group

    My daily posts guide you through a cycle for each week of visioning, reflection, action and completion. Plus, receive coaching and feedback from me & fellow group members.  

  • Sell Your Stuff Saturday, Weekly in the Facebook Group

    This isn’t just a promotional opportunity. The real value is in the feedback from members about whether your offer resonates or not.

  • Group Q&A Calls, with Energetic Transmission from me

    Twice a month, get your questions answered on live video calls with me. Every call also includes a 20-minute energetic process, delivered by me.

“In less than 10 minutes of asking me questions, Julia revealed a blind spot that has been hidden for so long. It’s changed everything!”

~ Jonathan Bautista

Join Monthly - just $147/mo
Join for 6 Months & receive
a FREE coaching session