Change Is In The Air – Are You Celebrating or Suffering?

Whenever the seasons change, energy is available for you to make changes in your life as well. The energy that’s available as summer turns to fall (which is happening here in the northern hemisphere right now) is the energy of harvest. The light, positive side of harvest energy is gathering and giving thanks for all…

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4 Cures for “Creator’s Block”

As heart-centered entrepreneurs and Intuitive Business Women, we’re constantly creating. We create new products and services, we create marketing mechanisms to sell those products and services … But most importantly, we are constantly creating and re-creating ourselves. So if you ever feel like everything is always changing for you and your business … it is!…

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Creativity On Command: 2 Sure-Fire Methods for Prompting Inspiration to Strike | Intuitive Business Woman

Most creative types – whether they’re artists, business people, or just creative thinkers – rely upon something outside of themselves to generate their art.  This force is often known as “inspiration.” And it’s a heady feeling indeed when inspiration is flowing and creative expression seems effortless. But when inspiration is absent and creative expression stagnates,…

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