The Road to Birthing a Book

This post started as a small expression of thanks to my dear friend Kim DeYoung, for having written a blog post about her journey of writing her book. Because reading how she’s been making her way steadily toward publication has re-inspired me to get back on the road to publishing myself.
(Read Kim’s blog post here: 496 Pages)

But as will happen to me frequently, the idea “I need to thank Kim” had no sooner flashed through my brain, than it had turned into “I’ll write it as a Facebook post and tag her – no, wait, I’ll write a blog post about it!”

Such is the blessing and curse of being a highly creative person …

So first, the backstory.

I published an Amazon bestselling book called The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Sleaze-Free Selling in January 2013, and it was great. It is great. But I’ve changed so rapidly – I’m on such a path of profound transformation – that Sleaze-Free Selling no longer expresses where I’m at now.

So I want to write a 2nd book. I have the general sense of what it should be about, but I keep getting stymied, every time I think to sit down and start writing.

Kim’s blog post instantly sizzled me and woke me up.

pink-binder2First, the image she shared of her own book-in-progress: a binder, with tabbed divider sections!!! It made my organizationally inclined Virgo heart just soar.

YES!! I could make a binder!! With tabbed sections!!! To organize my thoughts!!!

A picture is worth 1000 words as they say, and that was certainly true of this one. Instantaneous inspiration, in the form of a big problem solved – all in the flash of a single image.

Next, she described how one of her best sources of content has been to go back and review the work she’s done with clients over the last year. I’ve thought to do the very same thing, but haven’t ever done it.

  • It’s so many hours, how will I ever make the time??
  • I know myself – as I listen to the “boring” parts I’ll get distracted, stop listening and then have to go back and rewind whenever something interesting interrupts my distraction
  • I could get it all transcribed – but that would be so expensive, and would produce so much waste … and my frugal self can’t abide that.

But over the voice of my objections, Kim writing about how the exercise was so invaluable to her own writing process, has strengthened my resolution to go back and do the same thing for myself.

And finally, Kim shared a loving compassionate realization about timing and patience:

Had I begun writing my book the day I had the idea (almost sixteen months ago) it wouldn’t be what it ultimately will be. The initial idea was a small seed that needed time to percolate and grow…Giving myself time and space has allowed me to create something much richer that I would have had I felt the pressure to begin immediately.

Again, the idea of allowing my book to unfold according to its own Divine timing wasn’t brand new to me – I certainly know that my book will birth itself when it’s time – but it was just so soothing to read Kim’s lovely, affirming words. (And you say you’re not a writer! You’re a wonderful writer!)

So thank you dear Kim, for writing your book and sharing your journey with us.

I hope that someone will now read this blog post of mine and be similarly inspired!



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