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Hi. I'm Julia Kline - and I'm a Blockage Removal Specialist.

The most common business problems I see entrepreneurs facing are:


  • You aren’t making enough money - or maybe just not as much as you want!
  • You’re working too hard for the money you are earning


  • You aren’t that great at converting leads into customers - so you waste a lot of opportunities to generate revenue
  • You aren’t bringing in enough new customers, or not the right kind of customers
  • When you’ve tried new marketing ideas in the past, it hasn’t worked out as well as you’d hoped, and that leaves you feeling discouraged and disappointed


  • You’re overwhelmed and stressed out by everything that’s on your plate
  • You want to delegate more, but somehow you always end up doing way too much stuff yourself
  • You want to attract new clients so you can earn more money & grow your business, but you don’t really know how
  • Maybe you know what to do, but somehow you can’t ever get yourself to do it

Mindset, Passion & Joy

  • Sometimes you feel excited, confident and fulfilled with your business - but there are also days when you experience anxiety, overwhelm or self-doubt
  • You’ve tried hiring people to fix these problems - maybe you’ve even worked with other coaches or marketing strategists in the past who didn't really solve your problem - so you’re nervous about spending a bunch of money again if it isn’t really going to work this time.

Do any of these sound like you?

If so, then you’re like many other entrepreneurs who seek out my assistance. I've helped them,
and I can help you too!

What You Can Expect From My 5-Month Transformation Immersion

This 5-month program is designed to help you achieve astronomical growth in your business.

To grow your business, you must implement
better & more consistent marketing.

Sure, there may be issues impeding your business' growth that better marketing won't fix - poor customer service systems or a lack of support staff, for instance - but for most businesses, those aren't the primary reason
the business isn't growing.

Imagine you attracted 1 new (ideal) client this month.

Now imagine 2 new clients next month, and 3 the month after that. Your business would grow pretty fast, wouldn't it?

The way to attract those new clients is with marketing.

Marketing means figuring out who your best client is ... what you need to say to get their attention ... and where & how you need to say it. Then it's just a matter of saying it - over and over and over again.

Consistent marketing is what creates astronomical growth, plain and simple.

Here's how my 5-Month program creates
the results you're looking for:

  • Weekly 90-Minute Sessions

    The meat of the program is delivered in weekly, 90-minute sessions. Sessions always start with the question, “What would you like to talk about today?”

    So whatever is top of your mind – marketing initiatives, tracking and analytics, sales conversion, refining your message, or even the doubts & self-limiting beliefs that might be plaguing you that week – that’s what we’ll talk about. 

  • 3 Bonus Implementation Sessions

    In addition to the weekly sessions, you can take advantage of up to 3, 3-hr bonus sessions for things like copywriting, video production, online funnel creation, or other tactical implementation you need my help with.

    These bonus sessions are invaluable because they ensure that your plans actually get implemented. Listen to the video below, as a client describes how she would have quit if I hadn’t been sitting next to her getting this stuff done.

  • Semi-Unlimited Email Access to Me

    Finally, you also have semi-unlimited email access to me. I say “semi-unlimited” because I want you to feel that I’m here for you; but at the same time it’s unrealistic to expect I’d be available for lengthy email exchanges several times a week.

    But if you get an inspiration at 3am and want to run it past me, you’re always free to reach out!

The bonus implementation sessions are invaluable, in that they give you the boost you need, right when you need it, to actually get stuff done, finished, and working for you.

Client after client tells me that there's absolutely no way they would have gotten through this most difficult part, if I hadn't been sitting there with them holding their hand while they did it.

Without Julia sitting here right next to me, I never would have gotten all this technical stuff implemented!

~ Mary Beth Huffman, Impact Marketing Public Relations

Detailed Breakdown of The Program

Step 1: Analyze your current sales & marketing mechanisms
(during Month One)

  • Gather data - what exactly has been happening in your business, sales-wise, over the last 6 months?
  • Identify leakages and blockages - are there glaring omissions or breakdowns that are preventing new sales from coming in? Are there any internal blockages or self-limiting beliefs we need to work on?
  • Determine your ideal client - who are your best customers, and what makes them the best?
  • Establish filtering mechanisms - systems that easily segment all your new prospects into "winners" & "duds," so you can invest your time appropriately with each one
  • Determine how much time and money is available for new marketing initiatives

Step 2: Based on this analysis, make strategic decisions & commit to a plan of action (during Month One)

  • Develop a concrete set of goals & objectives that reflect your desired outcomes
  • Establish both a timeline and a budget for meeting them
  • Identify the marketing assets that will need to be created or improved (sales pages, free offers, video or article content, email campaigns, etc)
  • Identify the lead generation strategies that will be used (direct mail, social media, email marketing, trade show booth, referral marketing, personal networking & relationship building, etc)
  • Address the systems breakdowns that may be limiting your success - for example, a lack of good delegation or poor time management

Step 3: Put the plan into action
(Months Two & Three)

This list is a sampling of possible new marketing actions. Your actual plan will be customized based upon your own needs and goals.  

  • Go after the low-hanging fruit: what actions could quickly result in the biggest sales boost?
  • Build the funnels & marketing assets that your new lead generation strategies will require
  • Launch your new email campaign or email newsletter
  • Publish new sales or optin pages on your website
  • Commit to a content calendar of new blog posts, social media posts, etc
  • Begin promoting your referral marketing program
  • Reach out to the event promoters where you’d like to speak or journalists you'd like to get media coverage from

Your plan won't be 100% marketing. It may also include: 

  • Improve your various business systems so that you're prepared to manage an influx of new customers, flawlessly
  • Enable tracking mechanisms like Google Analytics on your website that will provide concrete data about your results going forward
  • Do you need to make changes in your team? If so, that will be part of your plan.

Step 4: Analyze your results & make adjustments accordingly, as you continue to take action (Months Three - Five)

  • Are you getting more leads? If so, where are they coming from & how can you get even more? If not, why not?
  • Are you making more sales? If so, what can that primarily be attributed to? If not, why not?
  • Are you still providing a high quality of service? If not, where is the system breaking down?
  • Are you happy with your results?
  • Is anything unexpected happening? Do we need to make changes to the plan?

Step 5: Wrap-Up
(Month Five)

  • Review the goals & objectives we created in Step Two - celebrate how far you’ve come!
  • Make decisions about what’s next - more growth? Maintenance? Something else?

What if Everything Doesn't Go
According to Plan?

What I’ve just outlined is a rigorous plan of action which, if fully implemented, would significantly grow your business in a very short period of time.

However, if all you needed was a plan of attack like the one I’ve just outlined,
you would go out now and just start doing it.

But since you’re not brand new to business, you’ve probably tried marketing plans like this one before - or pieces of it anyway - and you know that it’s not as easy as it sounds.

  • Things always take longer than you think they will …
  • When things don’t work out as expected, it’s hard to know why, or how to fix it …
  • The demands of your schedule can often derail the best-laid plans for giving more attention to your marketing …
  • The people you hired to help you can sometimes fall short of your expectations
  • Shiny Object Syndrome can often be a problem - "A hot new social media channel? We'd better drop everything and go build a following there!"
  • Sometimes self-doubt can creep in and make you want to throw in the marketing towel altogether.

That’s why you’re not really hiring me
to create or implement a marketing plan for you.

Rather, you’re hiring me to help you navigate your Resistance.

Clear your blockages...

Manage the stuff that comes up, that threatens to derail your successful accomplishment.  

Because if I can help you successfully eliminate whatever has always stopped you in the past - well then the sky's the limit, isn't it?

As valuable as our business-building sessions were, I found the mindset
& blockage removal sessions to be
even more so.

I knew you were a sales & marketing expert; but what I additionally value is the internal side of what you do. I have found the mindset sessions and blockage clearing to be as valuable as the business building work that we’ve done.

I’m amazed by the vastness of what you bring to the table. There wasn’t one issue, doubt or problem you weren’t able to help me with. I know I'll be continuing to work with you, even though my 6 month program has ended.

~ Vania Butler

How Quickly Can You Expect Results?

I’m a Blockage Removal Specialist: I help you remove whatever is standing between you and your desired outcome, and I do it quickly.

The reason you get such fast results with me is because of how quickly I’m able to get to the root of what’s really stopping you.

Listen to Jonathan Bautista as he describes experiencing this exact phenomenon with me:

It’s quite common for our very first session together to create a big dramatic shift in your life. Most clients continue to see fairly dramatic changes after virtually every session thereafter.

All that said, profound change takes time.

While things will get “better” in as little as a few weeks, most people need something like 8-12 months of coaching with me to fully integrate a profoundly new way of showing up in their life and business.

Clients who stick with me for 3, 6, 12 months or even longer typically have a hard time recognizing who they were & what their business was like when they started with me.

Cost of the Program

You have two options for investing in this program: to pay in full at the beginning of the program, or to make 5 equal monthly payments. 

Pay in Full


Best Value!

5 Monthly Payments


If you think you'd like to get started, the next step is for us to get on the phone to make sure we're a good fit. Use the button below to schedule a phone consultation on my calendar. 

During the phone consultation, you'll have a chance to ask all of your questions. I'll have a few questions for you as well. At the end, I'll ask you to make a decision about whether you'd like to get started or not.

Sound good? Great! I'm looking forward to talking to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't meet every single week?

No problem! If you need to skip a week or even a whole month due to travel, your busy season, an unexpected emergency or whatever, we can put your program on hold until you're ready to start back up again.

I only ask that you give me at least 2 weeks notice whenever possible.

What is your refund policy?

I offer a full money back guarantee any time during our first session. If it just doesn’t feel right, all you need to do is tell me and I’ll happily refund all that you’ve paid. Once the first session has ended however, I don’t offer any kind of refunds.