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For the last few weeks, I’ve been inviting people to talk to me about their biggest struggles, to see if they could be explained – and fixed – by identifying the Sales Wound™ at the root of the problem.

These conversations have been giving me fantastic stories for my soon-to-be-published next book, Heal Your Sales Wounds™ (which is why I’m eager to keep doing them!)

But the consistent feedback from the people I’ve been interviewing is that the conversation was as helpful to them as any paid coaching session:

  • “I feel like I should be paying you for this – this was the most eye-opening conversation I’ve had in a long time!”
  • “Wow – here I thought I was going to be helping you; but you’ve given me such clarity and insight that I wasn’t expecting.”
  • “I’ve been in sales a long time; but I’ve never heard anyone explain ___ the way you just did. This is going to shift everything for me.”

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If you aren’t sure yet if you want to sign up for an interview or not, you can also:

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Thanks for reading this. I hope you’re having a great week, and I look forward to doing a Sales Wounds™ interview with you soon.

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Still reading?

OK here’s more info, for you high-C personality types who want LOTS of details. 😉

About the Sales Wounds™ interview:

  • The session is a private 45-minute phone call with me, personally.
  • The purpose of the session is to uncover your biggest self-limiting belief regarding your business & give you 1 or 2 actionable steps you can immediately take to clear that belief and move forward in a big way
  • The session will be recorded.
  • There’s absolutely no charge for this – I’m doing it to get stories for my book

This is for you if:

  • You’re in sales, and you’re not as successful as you’d like to be
  • You’re not in sales – but you DO need to attract more people to your business (clients, donors, key employees, speaking opportunities …)
  • You’re playing a smaller game than you want to be playing
  • You’ve lost your passion & want to find it again
  • You want more people to know about what you do & what you have to say – and you’re having a hard time making that happen

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