Don't Get Stuck Again

Everything You Need To Know About Getting Stuff Done,
But Have Been Too Busy To Learn

Video #1: Overview

This program you’re about to take part in, Don’t Get Stuck Again: Everything You Need to Know About Getting Stuff Done But Have Been Too Busy to Learn, is that blend of both the practical and the emotional that you’ve been looking for.

The primary focus is definitely on the practical.

In the coming videos, I present a strategic system that incorporates not just my own wisdom and insight about how to be more productive, but some of the best classical tools out there in the marketplace - tools like David Allen’s Getting Things Done system and Steven Covey’s 4-quadrant Time Management Grid.

But I present them through a rather unique lens.

And that is that I recognize these tools stop working at precisely the moment that our emotions, our intuition and yes, even our spiritual and karmic path feels out of alignment with our to-do list. And no matter what you do to try and shove practical goal-setting and productivity plans down your own throat, you encounter the obstinacy and the sheer power of the part of you that says, “Nope. Not gonna do it.”

The part of you I call your Resistance.


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Video #2: Being a Visionary (like you!) and its role in Productivity

You’re an entrepreneur who’s on a path. You’re up to big stuff in your life, you’re on a mission and you aim to fulfill it with passion and purpose. You’re no ordinary entrepreneur.

All that said, you have to become who you’re meant to be, before you can do what you’re meant to do.

Video #3: David Allen's Getting Things Done system, as it applies to Tactic Tuesday & Follow-Up Friday

In this video we’re talking about the Getting Things Done system that was developed by David Allen. (

There’s a huge body of work around this system; but the point of this video is to just bring your awareness to GTD if you haven’t heard of it before because it’s a fantastic, well-known, time-tested set of strategies. There’s no reason for me to try and make up something any better, when this stuff already exists!

So in this video we’re going to talk about how to use the Getting Things Done system to knock stuff off your to-do list with greater efficiency - especially as it applies to Tactic Tuesday and Follow-up Friday.

But I’m also going to show you how to layer in few key questions that will help you zero in on the areas of Resistance, so that you can switch gears to deal with those in a very different way.

Video #4: The Bottle-Washer Process

The biggest reason that entrepreneurs have a long list of to-do’s that never seems to get done, and which creates a feeling of overwhelm and even depression if it goes on for too long, is because they’re suffering from the problem of the two hats. Here’s what I mean by that.

On the one hand, an entrepreneur wears the Strategic Visionary hat. In this hat, she’s responsible for visioning the future of her company, as well as making all the decisions that will get her there, to say nothing of taking responsibility when those decisions don’t go well. While wearing her Strategic Visionary hat, her role is to think. To figure stuff out, to solve problems.

The other hat that the typical entrepreneur wears is that of the chief bottle-washer, meaning she does most if not all of the doing as well. She does data entry, takes out the trash, makes updates to the website, creates new business cards, calls Verizon when her cell phone malfunctions, etc etc. While wearing the bottle-washer hat, the entrepreneur’s role is to DO. To take action and complete tasks, and to do so as efficiently as possible.

The problem is that a bottle washer, in order to be most effective, needs to be allowed to just wash bottles. Because if a bottle washer is required to THINK, it slows down or even completely derails their DOING.

So what do you do avoid this happening?

You recognize that while you might be smart & capable you’re still just a bottle washer. And you owe it to yourself to set yourself up to win by not requiring your bottle washer to also do the job of the Visionary.

This video explains to you exactly how to do that.

Video #5: Discussion of Inc. Magazine's Top 11 Productivity Hints

In this video we are discussing this article from Inc. Magazine, 10 Awesome Productivity Tips That Will Radically Change Your Life. There are two reasons we’re talking about this article as part of this program:

  1. This is a particularly good list of productivity hints! And many of them aren’t otherwise covered the Don’t Get Stuck Again system.
  2. One of the reasons entrepreneurs get stuck is we read articles like this one, that make it seem that handling our productivity issues is a piece of cake.

    And as we’ll see in a minute, a lot of the hints in this article aren’t exactly easy to implement. They can almost become an additional item on the to-do list if you aren’t careful.

So this video will break down this list of hints into what’s easy, what’s not so easy and why - so that you can easily incorporate them into the rest of the Don’t Get Stuck Again system.

Video #6: Discussion of Steven Covey's 4-Quadrant Time Management Grid

In the previous videos, you learned a system for getting stuff done which is proven extremely effective for heart-centered entrepreneurs, called “Don’t Get Stuck Again.” It uses my Bottle-Washer Process as the primary tool for identifying and then removing the blockages that have you feeling stuck and overwhelmed around your Most Important Goals (MIG’s).

But because all of us have not just Important Goals to accomplish, we’ve also got a whole lot of mundane tasks to churn through, the “Don’t Get Stuck Again” system encourages you to apply the 5 steps of David Allen’s Getting Things Done system to everything you need to accomplish.

This still leaves us with the question of what to DO day in and day out. And also, what about the distractions that inevitably pop up, threatening to derail us from our best-laid plans for high-impact accomplishment?

That’s where Steven Covey’s Time Management Grid comes into play, which we'll be discussing in this video. You can find a printable version of the grid here.

Video #7: The Most Important Productivity Tool You Must Master ~ Your Calendar

You’ve got your itemized to-do list for your MIG’s, courtesy of Julia Kline's Bottle-Washer Process. You’ve classified and organized and reflected on everything else on your to-do list, using David Allen’s GTD system. You’ve labeled every single item as either important or unimportant, using Steven Covey’s grid, leaving you with a concise, well-thought-out, actionable list of Important and Urgent items that you’ve set your sights on accomplishing this week, or this month.

You might think you’re ready to swing into action but you aren’t quite yet. There’s one more step you need to take, and it’s to plan for it on your calendar.

This video will walk you through how to be a ninja of accomplishment, by mastering your calendar.