Register For The Upcoming 4-Week Teleseminar, "Heal Your Sales Wounds"

And learn how healing your Sales Wounds™ is the key that unlocks more clients, more income & more impact in the world.

Dates:  Monday, October 31
Monday, November 7th
Monday, November 14th
Monday, November 21st

Time:  7pm CT (8pm ET / 5pm PT)

In this 4-week teleseminar you'll learn: 

  • What Sales Wounds™ are, where they come from & how to identify them in yourself
  • Which Sales Wound™ you're suffering from the most - and how to immediately begin to heal it
  • Why everything you've ever learned about sales has been so hard for you to implement - along with specific sales tactics that will be just as effective, but will feel so much better
  • The ways in which Sales Wounds™ might be showing up in other areas of your life, not just your business

Grow Your Business
by Healing Your Sales Wounds™

... An Interactive, Online, 4-Wk Teleseminar for Business Owners

Hi my name is Julia Kline and I’m excited to teach you how to grow your business by learning to Heal Your Sales Wounds™.

A few quick questions, so you can decide if this upcoming teleseminar is a good fit for you:

  • Are you great at what you do? But maybe not as great at talking to customers?
  • Or maybe you can talk to people all day long … but struggle when it’s time to turn chit-chat into a serious discussion about placing an order.
  • Or you get a decent number of walk-ins, phone calls or visits to your website … but they just don’t turn into the kinds of sales volume you would like.

If you’re nodding your head right now, then this teleseminar is going to make a big difference in your business and your life - just in time for the holiday season!

Because in this 4-week teleseminar you’ll learn how to turn casually interested prospects into happy paying customers - over and over and over again - all by healing the Sales Wounds™ that have stopped you from being able to do that in the past.

And not only will your new flood of customers be happy, you’ll be happy. Because once you learn about Sales Wounds™, you'll see that they're the only reason you've always felt a distaste for "being a salesperson."

If you've always thought that being better at sales meant high-pressure closing tactics, big discounts to entice new business, or various marketing tactics that make you feel pushy, obnoxious or rude then you're definitely suffering from Sales Wounds™!

From now on, sales will just mean interesting, friendly, helpful conversation with the people who are interested in what you do. But - conversation that gently and skillfully turns that conversation into an order.

And you’ll be able to do this almost every time, with almost every person who you talk to about the products and services you provide.

You will absolutely leave this teleseminar feeling confident about your ability to talk to customers in such a way that not only do they buy from you, but both you and they feel great about having done business together.

Does this sound like something you’re interested in?

Fantastic! All the logistical details are listed below.

And as soon as you register, you’ll receive a self-assessment questionnaire to get you started. Along with all the information you need to get the most out of the workshop.

Thanks very much, and I look forward to meeting you at the workshop!!


Learning to Heal Your Sales Wounds™ gets RESULTS. Simple as that.

I'm so sure it will work for you, I'll not only give you your money back, I'll cut you an additional check for 500 bucks on the spot if, after 60 days, you tell me that your results haven't gone up by 35%.

There's one caveat: you have to do the work.

But hey - you weren't expecting to grow your business for doing nothing at all, were you? I didn't think so.

Dates:  Monday, October 31
Monday, November 7th
Monday, November 14th
Monday, November 21st

Time:  7pm CT (8pm ET / 5pm PT)