Laughter is the best medicine. Sorrow is (surprisingly) second best.

I spent a solid half-hour today, bawling my eyes out on my healer’s floor. The release I now feel is transformative.

And mind you, this type of ritual sobbing is part of my regular self care! (nothing “happened” to make me cry like I did).

Life is HARD, people. Left unremedied, the sorrows and wounds it inflicts will shape your existence.

  • your heart closes to love and trust and joy
  • your body manifests all manner of dis-ease
  • your mind denies the magic which surrounds you

Are any of these things happening to you?

Do you want a path back to Wholeness, Happiness and Peace?

The best remedy is to laugh. Big, loud guffaws that make your side ache and your face cramp.

But the second best is to sob.

Either one, practiced regularly, is a guaranteed path back to God.

Try the following exercises … and tell me in the comments which one creates the greatest results for you!

The Laughter Path

Technique #1: Your Inner Goofball

This technique is based on wisdom I picked up from Tony Robbins, years ago. He calls it a “state change.” The idea is to use your face, your body, your voice – what he calls your physiology – to force your emotions to change.

Do any one of the following, and I guarantee you’ll crack a smile. Keep doing it, and you’ll be consumed by giggles in no time.

  • Throw back your head and cackle like a hyenalaughing_snoopy_pink_background
  • Flap your wings and wiggle your butt.
  • Dance like Snoopy.
  • Sing happy birthday … in a voice like Mickey Mouse.
  • (Or sing Yellow Submarine, or I’m Bringing Sexy Back or Like a Virgin … in a voice like Popeye, or Jimmy Stewart, or Arnold Schwarzenegger. You get the idea!)

Technique #2: Act Your Age

laughterChildren are fantastic gigglers. You can say the stupidest thing, and they’ll laugh their heads off.

To perform this technique, first find a child. Next, bet them to see who can make the other one laugh the hardest.

Bonus points if you perform it while sitting under a table, and giggle about how silly you both are.

Technique #3: When In Rome …

Laughter is contagious. When you hear someone else laugh, it’s difficult not to laugh along with them.

(That’s why the audience at a comedy show laughs so much more than you do when you’re watching the taped version on TV).

I like to keep a selection of laugh tracks at the ready, and listen to them every time I need a pick-me-up. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Finally, here’s a video clip of me and an old client, cracking ourselves up silly. Don’t say I never made a fool of myself for your benefit!

The Sobbing Path

While laughter may seem like the easier or more feel-good path, that’s not always available.

Sometimes, you don’t want to feel better. Sometimes what you want is to wallow in your sadness. (ask me how I know this)

On those occasions, you can still receive tremendous healing benefit … by going deeper into your sorrow.

Before offering these techniques, let me first warn you: while going deeper into your sadness can be immeasurably therapeutic, it can be dangerous to delve your sadness alone.

I've spent decades learning to navigate the deep, murky waters of my own personal Underworld. And when I first started "going there," I most certainly did it only with a trained Guide.

If you'd like, I can be your guide on this journey.

Technique #1: Give it a Voice

This is a technique I first learned from a psychotherapist I used to see back in my 20’s. When I was feeling sad, but also stuck in my sadness, she would prompt me, “Give your sadness a voice. What would it like to say?”

Technique #2: The Wail

The healer I currently work with always says, “The healing is in the sound.” If you cry, but don’t make any sound, the pain stays trapped in your body.

But if you let out a wail – and allow it to come gurgling up from deep inside of you, carrying all your sorrow and woundedness on its back – ahhhh, there you’ll find deep, deep healing.

The Guided Path

For real transformation to occur, you can’t do it by yourself. You need a Guide.

Because of my life experiences, together with my innate talents, I am particularly gifted at helping people to heal their pain.

If you’d like some help delving into yours, please consider registering for a Blockage Removal Intensive with me.

Tell Me About It!

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Better yet – shoot a video of yourself and email it to me at I’d love to see!!

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