Primary Sales Wound #1: The Money Wound

So many of us have mixed emotions about money: 

We want it, but we don’t want it. 

We love it, but we think we shouldn’t.

We want the goodies money can provide, but we don’t want to have to deal with money.

If any of this sounds like you, you’re suffering from The Money Wound™.

The core statement of The Money Wound™ is, “I need and want money, but I also wish I didn’t have to deal with money. Just thinking about money makes me feel a little bit nauseous.”

If The Money Wound™ sounds like you, then you may also resonate with some of the following self-limiting beliefs that are related to the core Money Wound™: 

  • Money is bad. Wealthy people are bad, you can’t be both rich & spiritual, people do evil things to get money
  • Money is scarce, not abundant. If I have money that means someone else doesn’t have any.
  • It’s selfish and greedy to want money. I shouldn't want, or have, more money than I absolutely need to get by.
  • The things I have to do to get money are bad and wrong. (see also The Selling Wound™ and The Prostitution Wound™.)
  • Money isn’t that important to me. I mean, sure it's nice - but other things are more important to me. (see also The Anti-Selling Wound™).
  • Money brings out the worst in me. I get into trouble when I have money, it lets me indulge in stupid, lazy or self-destructive behaviors. I'm better off without it.
  • You have to work hard to earn money - and often, your efforts won’t be rewarded.
  • I'm bad with money. No matter what I do, I just can't get control of my financial situation.
  • My money situation makes me feel ashamed. If I ever look honestly at my money - the choices I've made, the behaviors I keep repeating, the financial hole I've gotten myself into - it just fills me with a virtually intolerable level of shame.

Until you examine these self-limiting beliefs – what I call Wounds – and begin to heal them, they can interfere with your ability to earn more money and grow your business.

You certainly won’t get any better at sales until you heal your Money Wound™.

Because what is sales, but a way of getting more money? And if part of you actually doesn’t WANT more money, doesn’t it make sense that you would sub-consciously sabotage your efforts at sales success? 

Healing The Money Wound™

These are the steps if your Money Wound™ is the Ostrich Archetype – you’ve been keeping your head in the sand about your money & not doing a good job of managing it. 

But an altogether different kind of Money Wound™ is the Self-Righteous Pauper Archetype. This archetype is you if you ever feel critical about money, wealth or wealthy people. Read more about it here

While money may in fact bring up some of our biggest stuff, the beautiful thing about money is that it’s black and white. It’s just numbers. There’s no gray area with money:

  • You either paid the bill on time or you didn’t.
  • You either made your IRA contribution or you didn’t.
  • You either stayed within your budget or you didn’t.  

Because of that, it’s a great place to begin the process of becoming Radically Honest with yourself.

Your first step is to take my 3-question quiz, Wealth: Why You Don’t Have Any. This quiz will reveal just how severe of a Money Wound™ you have (or don’t have).

If you “pass” that quiz …

That’s great news! You’re probably not suffering from an extreme Money Wound™, and as a result you’re ready to begin the hard work of turning around your money story.

To begin that turnaround, I recommend my 4 Baby Steps to Spiritual Money Manifestation.

It’s a free, self-guided set of steps that, when implemented, will begin to result in more and more money & financial support showing up in your life.

If you didn’t do so well on the quiz …

That’s a sign that your Money Wound™ is large and charge, and you need a radical intervention, in the form of a Money Wound Deep Dive™ with me.

A Money Wound Deep Dive™ is a 1-hour private session in which we delve into the heart of your Money Wound, and knock it loose. I charge $375 for this session, and the results people get are astounding.

Below, you can watch the video of a Deep Dive that I did with my client, Michele Donat (she agreed to let me use her session publicly – so don’t worry, yours will be completely private!).

Within hours of this session, Michele landed a $400 client – which was an outcome she was thrilled about!

If you resonate with this idea of The Money Wound™ and want to begin to heal yours right now, you can do so by booking a Sales Wounds Deep Dive with me:

Heal Your Money Wound™ – Book a Sales Wounds Deep Dive

If you’re not sure if The Money Wound™ is your primary Sales Wound, click here for the rest of the Heal Your Sales Wounds™ series.

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